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Framing Ideas: Cool Things You Can Frame for Your Home Decor

Frames as a home decoration is still a trend. It still adds some aesthetic value, especially when placed in a bare spot. While you can choose family photos and arts to frame, there are unique items you can explore that are definitely out of the box and will stand out if you choose them as your home decor. 

If you are currently decorating your home and thinking of unique things to frame as an accent piece, here are some of our suggestions that will definitely spruce up your space: 

Item #1: Maps 

If you’re looking for unique things to frame, maps are number one on the list. Given that maps have different colours and shapes, they will be visually pleasing for display. You can even add some personal touch and meaning by framing the map of your hometown or dream travel destination. This way, the map will not only serve as a display but also as an inspiration and a subject of conversation when guests visit your house. 

Item #2: Puzzles

If you have accomplished assembling some puzzle, it’s definitely worthy of being displayed. Framed puzzles are perfect if you want a decoration with meaning because you will be able to see your hard work, focus and determination. Puzzles are unique home decorations, especially for playrooms, offices or any space that needs some vibrant colours thrown in.

Item #3: Flags and Pennants

Flaunt that country you’ve travelled to by framing their flags! Flags are not just good to display for poles; you can also place them in a frame and hang them on your wall as a decoration. One of the benefits of framing a flag is that flags usually feature a wide range of colours, so when you put them together in one frame, you can have this aesthetically pleasing and colourful display for your space. 

Item #4: Currency or Stamps

The country’s currency is a good idea, too! Framed currency can also serve as memorabilia of the places you’ve visited. After your trip, save at least one or two currencies from the country you’ve visited so that you can have enough money to place in a frame. 

If you’re a vintage collector, stamps also look good in a frame. You don’t have to have too many stamps; it’s up to you if you want to frame them piece by piece or wait until you have enough to place them together in one frame.

Item #5: Clothing or Textiles

Another cool thing to frame is an item of clothing or textile that is somehow memorable to you. One example is a jersey signed by your favourite sports player. If you have an expensive scarf you bought with your first paycheck, you can frame it and display it someplace in your home. These will definitely look cool, especially if the framing is done right. 


It’s time to do away with the usual family portraits and arts to display; try having unique accent pieces by framing some of these items. By framing these items, you’ll be surprised at how your guests will react because these are something that they don’t usually see in frames. These framed items will be a perfect conversation piece if you host a party at home, too!

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