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Proper Concert Poster Storage And Care: A Beginner’s Guide

You have the key to the treasure chest that has been locked in a time long forgotten. Now, how do you store the treasure? You could immediately throw it in an empty frame, but framing every poster might take some time. Alternatively, you might not have any frames on your walls. As such, storing your posters would be an ideal alternative. Here are some tips on storing and caring for posters in your collection.

Proper Concert Poster Storage And Care: A Beginner’s Guide

1 – Lay Everything Flat

One of the first things that you will want to do is to lay out your posters flat. This will prevent any warping when they are stored up in a box or rolled up. This will also save you the time of having to lay them flat when you take them out.

2 – Storing In Plastic

If you have a lot of posters, you should purchase plastic sleeves to put them in. This will keep your posters flat and away from any damage. Make sure that you choose a plastic that is thick enough to protect your posters but thin enough for you to print the minimums for mailing.

3 – Keep Them Away From Moisture

The best place to keep your posters is in a cool and dry area. If you live in a house or apartment, the basement could be a great place to store them. If you live in a humid area, stored in a furnace room or a garage might be better. Either way, it is important to keep them away from moisture.

4 – Store Them Away From Heat

If possible, you should store your concert posters away from any sources of heat. The same with moisture; heat could warp your posters and make them curl.

5 – Handle With Care

When you take your concert posters out of storage, handle them with care. Do not try to bend them back into their original shape. Lay them out flat and let them naturally roll back into shape. If you need to bend them to put them in a frame, make sure to do so carefully.

6 – Large Posters Can Be Framed

If you have a large poster, you can frame it. This will prevent you from having to store it flat and it will also make it easier to display. Framing a concert poster is not hard to do. You will want to purchase a frame that is larger than the poster. This is so that you can slide the poster into the mat without having to bend it back into shape.

7 – Small Posters Can Be Framed Too

Small concert posters can be framed too. You can purchase a really small frame and put it in a larger frame to make it larger. This is ideal if you have a lot of small concert posters and you do not want to make a lot of separate frames for them.


These are just a few tips for how to store and care for posters that you have collected over the years. If you follow these tips, your posters will last a long time, and you will enjoy them for many years to come.

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