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3 Classic Framing Techniques for Art and Photos

When you are tasked with buying a custom frame for prints, photos, and artwork, there are several things to consider. Your primary goal should be to match the decor in your home (or office, or wherever you will be displaying the work) and, of course, to choose a frame that will complement the photo or artwork. Every framing style is different and creates a unique look with the work, but it’s important to remember it mustn’t clash with whatever else is in the room, lest it becomes an eyesore.

The first thing you should consider is the colour palette of what you’re framing. This will help guide you in choosing elements that can help tie all of that together with the frame. Black and white photos or prints can go well with a solid black or white frame. Artwork with vivid colours can benefit from a white frame that can help the colours pop even more.

Whatever frame you choose, it will have a significant effect on the final product. Here are three classic framing options for your art and photography:

1. Classic Frames

Classic decor is polished and matches well with most aesthetics. Instead of integrating flashy trends, it finds its strength in traditional design principles and inspires new designs. When paired with a classic frame, just about any type of art will fit just right. 

The classic style is all about lighter colour palettes, with the occasional silver or gold to add colour without overwhelming the rest of the design. This is an excellent style for framing wedding photos, family portraits, or even diplomas and certificates. It adds style and elegance that is timeless. 

In the right amounts, frames with metallic colours like gold or silver can elevate a space from dull to artsy and eclectic. It can be perfect for making a home seem more put together and formal. Lastly, black and white photos can look more exciting because of the striking contrast the gold or silver provides.

2. Wood Frames

Wood is the perfect middle ground to the rustic style and polished style while still being a classic on its own. Wood is warm, timeless, and exudes quiet strength and groundedness. There is a wide range of colour options, depending on the finish. Wood frames provide plenty of opportunities for creativity and complementing or contrasting artwork. 

Dark frames made of wood and mahogany are great for photos that have warmer tones such as red, brown, and orange. On the other hand, oak, ash, and pine will look best with cooler toned images—blue, green, and lavender. Regardless of your preferred aesthetic, most wood frames will work great for most artwork.

3. Rustic Frames

The rustic style relies on down-to-earth design elements that also have that natural roughness. These can exude a unique charm and serve to make people feel comfortable and welcome. Rustic often inspires thoughts of earthy colours like faded grey, worn black, and tan brown. 

It’s all about natural colours that you will often find if you just look at your surroundings or out the windows. It’s familiar and instantly recognisable, in the sky, the world around, and your memories. This style is perfect for nature photography, family or outdoorsy photos—a frame that acts as a natural extension of the art.

Larger artwork and pictures will look better with thicker frames offering practical structural support. A light frame will be great to enhance artwork with a darker palette and lessen the weight or heaviness of the art.


Choosing the perfect frame is all about the intended effect you want to achieve, together with the surrounding decor and vibe of the space. You can play around with different styles and colours to get different results. These three classic framing techniques can help enhance the artwork and space it’s in.

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