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Ideas on Choosing the Right Mat Color for Your Artwork Frame

When it comes to showcasing your work or the work of others, the frame is simply one factor to consider. Making sure you choose the proper colour mat for your artwork is one of the most critical aspects of art framing. If the artwork isn’t going to fill the entire frame, you’ll need to consider what the backdrop will look like. Colour has a significant role in this. The perfect colour may help your artwork come to life, yet the wrong colour can turn even the finest painting into an eyesore.

How Should You Choose a Mat Color?

1. Choosing a Mat Color Based on Dominant Colors

If you have a painting that has a lot of white or a bright background that takes up a large part of the painting, then a darker mat will look great. If the painting has a lot of greys, blacks, or dark blues, then a white mat will make it stand out. Take a look at the painting, and ask yourself what the painting would look like with a black or light grey background. If it doesn’t look very good, then a black or grey mat might not be the best choice.

2. Choosing a Mat Color Based on a Theme

If you’re putting together a series of paintings based on a particular theme, then the colour of the mats can be a way to tie the paintings together. If a painting has a red, black, and white theme, then a white mat will work, since it will be the same colour as the white background. This is one of the reasons why black and white photographs are a big hit, and one of the reasons why people tend to like certain colour combinations.

3. Choosing a Mat Color Based on the Wall Color or Other Accents

If you want to tie the mat colour into the overall colour scheme of the room, then the first step is to figure out what colour the walls are. If you have dark blue walls, then you can choose dark blue mats. If you have white walls, then you can choose a variety of colours. Then, you need to look at other things in the room, such as the flooring and the furniture. If there are other colours that stand out, you can pick a mat that goes with those.

4. Opting for Neutral Colors

If you don’t want to worry about matching colours, then you can just pick a non-colour, such as white, black, or grey. This can look nice when combined with the right painting, and it can work well in formal situations, such as an office. It can also work well in rooms that have a lot of other colours, such as bedrooms.

5. Opting for a Contrasting Color

Some people like to play around with the colour of their mat, such as using a deep dark green mat with a bright yellow painting. This is a great way to make the painting pop, but it also makes it more difficult to hang, since the mat needs to stand out. There are many ways to make the painting stand out, such as using a flatter frame and hanging it lower, so it isn’t right in the centre of the wall.


The colour of a mat can be one of the most important parts of hanging a piece of art. It can be the thing that makes a painting look good or bad, and it can be the thing that ties the art room together. When you’re choosing a mat colour, you need to think about the painting and the room the painting will go into. A little bit of planning can go a long way, and can make the difference between a painting that no one looks at, and a painting that gets looked at over and over again.

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