Certificate Framing is something that we take very seriously here. If you have studied for years and years then you should be extremely proud of your certificate or qualification, and as such it belongs on display in your office or home. We have always found that a subtle but classy design works best with certificate framing. Sometimes going overboard can take away the focus from what is truly important – the certificate, and the achievements that it displays!
You should be proud of your achievements and the next step is to get it up on the wall to be admired. We have framed the certificates of many customers over the years, offering sound advice and a wide range of quality products. For your Certificate Framing needs, we only deal with the best suppliers to ensure quality and consistency across the whole framing process. You even have many options with glass such as non-reflective and museum grade just so you have peace of mind that your beloved certificate will remain true for many lifetimes.
Whether you are looking to frame your own certificate, or if you need to organise a big corporate job – we can offer you a reasonable price and turnaround for your certificate framing, and can also offer pricing based on multiple or bulk orders. We can scan your certificate in to our computer and email you the soft copy so that you always have it on file. This could be useful when applying for jobs or looking into further study.
So if you need to arrange some Certificate Framing for your self, your family, or your work colleagues then look no further than Newtown Picture Framing Studio. Via phone, email or in person, we can help you from the very first step right through until completion of the job.
a certificate framed neatly