Canvas Stretching is something that comes to us in two different ways usually.
The first is that you have travelled or picked up some artwork that you love. If the art is painted on a canvas, once purchased it normally will travel with you rolled up and in a tube. To display on your wall at home it needs to be stretched – this is where we make a timber frame that your new artwork will wrap around. The term ‘stretched’ is used as we make sure the art is tight and firm so that once on the wall it won’t sag or ripple.
Some of the more popular destinations we receive art from are Australia’s Northern Territory (Indigenous Art), Bali, South America, and Cuba.
The second way that canvas stretching comes to us is for artists (budding or professional) who have a blank canvas but need them stretched in order to paint on. We have many local and national artists that use us for this service to save time for themselves, as well as ensuring they have the best quality stretching available for their clients. The timber we use is extra strong and solid for a perfect finish and therefore a perfect, flat canvas.
So whether you like to paint and need us to stretch you blank canvas for you, or if you picked up a beautiful painting on holidays and need it stretched – we can offer you a reasonable price and turnaround for your custom framing, and can also offer pricing based on multiple or bulk orders.
There is no faster or better option for Canvas Stretching Sydney than Newtown Picture Framing Studio. If you have any questions about the process simply call or email and we can assist from start to finish. Arrangements for large artworks to be delivered may be possible and careful handling of your art is always a promise.
canvas stretching frame and painting