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The Best Ways To Frame Artworks for a Gallery Show

As an artist, you want to showcase your unique pieces, and you can do this by participating in a gallery show where you can prove that you have something unique to offer. Yes, this is the chance to highlight your talent and execute a presentation like no other. 

To exhibit your work in the best possible way, we’ve gathered some of the best ways to frame artworks for a gallery show:

  • Use only the best materials.

The presentation of your work is a reflection of your quality as an artist. In today’s modern times, you may observe that most artworks use neutral frames, such as black, grey, or white. Although, keep in mind that this may also imply that you’re playing it safe or that your taste is common or basic. If feasible, engage with classic or archived materials to produce and exhibit your work.

  • Combine traditional and new trends.

Many gallery exhibits call for elegant, contemporary black frames, which we mostly see in today’s photography shows. However, we’ve witnessed a slow rise in creatives who use white frames on gallery walls in the last few months. 

White frames are making a comeback and can be utilised to make photographs sharper and more evident. Meanwhile, wooden frames provide warmth to your presentation, while metal frames serve a lighter and contemporary look. 

  • Understand the matting process.

Beyond the physical frames, you must also consider what a mat board could enhance your artwork. Matting creates a frame within the frame and attracts the viewer’s eye to the artwork, resulting in more substance. 

Black matting, for one, enhances a design and makes the artwork appear smaller and denser. Moreover, mat boards also assist in protecting your artwork from being scratched, while glass and archival mats aim to preserve your work for collectors.

  • Mind the glassing.

In addition to protecting your framed artwork from damage, several glass varieties are available for use in your frame. Though you may not need archival glass for everything you frame, we recommend using it for your gallery projects. 

The UV-Filter Glass safeguards artwork from the damaging effects of UV radiation. Larger pieces are better suited to UV/Non-Glare Acrylic as it is less fragile than glass.

  • Get ready for the final installation. 

When you’re taking your work to a respected gallery or into a highly-anticipated show, make sure that you are ready with your artwork. Come prepared and make sure your pieces are ready for hanging or installation. Don’t cram this part, no matter how tempting it may be!

Before the day of your show, inspect the location and check on your designated area. Once you’ve seen your spot, list down everything you need to bring for your hanging kit. Bring your tools and nails for your hanging kits, and make sure to bring more than you need.

Additionally, hire a professional service to transport your pieces with care and protection. Although it may cost you more fees, it’ll be worth every penny to ensure the safety of your artworks.


As generations passed, artists have become professional businessmen who provide services and entertainment beyond their artworks. From conceptualisation, execution, and the final show, framing your artwork is all part of the creative process. Now that you’re knowledgeable about the best ways to frame your artworks, you’ll be sure to capture any audience that walks into that gallery.

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