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The Best Frame to Preserve Your Precious Pictures—Tips to Know

With framed photographs, any house becomes complete and more inviting. If you’re moving into a new place and want to personalise it, or you wish to freshen up your present living space, framed photographs are the perfect answer.

Framing your photos allows you to express your personality. Is it necessary to you that your home has a rustic farmhouse vibe? Use frames made of untreated wood whenever possible. If a sleek, contemporary finish may be more appealing to you, your prints will look best when you present them in a simple black frame with a white matte.

The first step to improving your photo display is to pick a frame style, and the next is to check if the image will fit. To assist you, we’ve compiled a list of photo frame sizes. Just be mindful of the dimensions of your photographs and use frames that correspond to their sizes.

Here are some picture framing tips you can use to guide you in framing your memories well: 

1. Pick the Right Material for the Frame

There are a lot of materials you can choose from when it comes to framing pictures. You can choose a theme, like all wood or metal. You can also go for a quirky look by choosing different designs and sizes. 

Make sure that the frames you pick out complement each other and the design of the space where you are placing the pictures. 

2. Mat your Pictures Before Framing

It’s not just crucial to select the right material for the framing. You also need to frame pictures well, and it is advisable to put an extra paper border to protect photographs and make them look nicer. 

While photographs are often matted directly to the image edge, sometimes it is advantageous to mat 1/4″ or so beyond the image so there is no cropping and you can see the entire picture in the frame properly.

Additionally, matting beyond the image can provide some aesthetic “breathing room” for those requiring or containing essential information around the perimeter edge. If the artist intends to float the photo with no mat, being sure the piece is appropriately squared is helpful. 

3. Use a Fitting Frame Design for Period Pictures

If you’re framing pictures and artworks, take time to investigate their history, looking at how they have been framed in the past —considering the contribution of gallerists, curators, and artists. Along with this archive study, it’s essential to get out and visit the exhibits, which may be a fantastic reference for displaying pictures or artworks in your own home.

4. Check to See If Your Photo Is Sharp and Focused

Nobody enjoys a blurry photograph. If the image is unfocused, or the focus is too soft, everything will appear vaguely fuzzy or grainy, as if you’re looking through a filthy lens or watching TV with static.

Needless to say, this is not the desired aesthetic for a framed portrait. When increasing the sharpness, be careful not to go too far; otherwise, the subject of your image may appear to have been taken with a too heavy hand.

5. Put Something Intriguing in the Frame to Enhance It

Even though your image has a frame, it doesn’t guarantee that it will be interesting to feature. Framing pictures is a way to highlight memories. Choose pictures that capture exciting moments that you would like to remember. If you select pictures from a big event, pick the best or most unique shot to capture the most memorable moments of that event. 

6. Display Your Framed Pictures in the Right Spot

Display your pictures and artwork away from sunlight or where it’s humid or moist. Put it somewhere noticeable, like on a tabletop, display case, or up the wall where members of your home and your visitors can see them. You can choose the living room where family and guests often gather, so they become conversation pieces as you entertain as well. 

A Good Frame Can Make a Difference

A good frame can ultimately enhance the look of a picture or artwork. The frame is not the highlight but the image, although a great frame of the suitable material, size, and placement add that wow factor to your favourite photos. 

Minor imperfections on the frame, or a slight imbalance in colour, will distract you from enjoying the image. It’s really about harmony. When choosing frames for your pictures, look at the overall feel it brings to your priced memories. 

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