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The Art of Shadow Box Framing: Display and Protect Your Three-Dimensional Keepsakes

Collecting and preserving special memories, moments, and objects is an age-old human pursuit, allowing us to hold onto and celebrate our personal journeys, interests, and experiences. From tangible memorabilia such as sports trophies and medals to sentimental keepsakes like baby shoes and wedding bouquets, these three-dimensional (3D) mementos deserve to be displayed and protected in a manner that truly honours their significance and value. Shadow box framing offers a versatile and visually striking solution to showcasing and safeguarding your treasured 3D objects, catering to a wide array of styles, materials, and sizes.

Picture Framing excels in the art of shadow box framing, providing customised solutions tailored to your unique possessions and display requirements. With over two decades of experience in the framing business, their dedicated team of skilled professionals combines aesthetics and practicality, ensuring that your cherished items are presented in an alluring manner while receiving the necessary protection against damage and deterioration.

In this blog, we will delve into the world of shadow box framing, exploring its benefits and applications in display and preservation of your 3D keepsakes. From selecting the perfect frame and matting options to understanding the various mounting techniques, this comprehensive guide aims to equip you with the knowledge required to create visually striking and long-lasting displays for your prized possessions. Additionally, we will discuss how partnering with Picture Framing guarantees expert craftsmanship and attention to detail, resulting in stunning displays that stand the test of time.

1. Understanding the Shadow Box Framing Concept

Shadow box framing is a specialised framing technique designed to accommodate three-dimensional objects, providing ample space and protection while showcasing the item’s depth and dimension. By creating a recessed compartment to house and secure your keepsakes, shadow box frames offer an elegant and functional solution for displaying an expansive range of items, such as awards, artefacts, and sentimental mementos.

Picture Framing’s expertise in shadow box framing ensures that your valued possessions are presented with utmost care and precision. Their knowledgeable team is proficient in designing and constructing custom shadow boxes that take into account the specific dimensions and display requirements of each item, resulting in a visually striking and unique showcase for your cherished keepsakes.

2. Choosing the Perfect Frame and Matting for Your Shadow Box

Selecting an appropriate frame and matting for your shadow box is a crucial step in accentuating the visual appeal and complementing the nature of your keepsake. Factors such as the item’s colour, material, and style should be considered when selecting a frame and matting combination that enhances the overall appearance of your display.

Picture Framing offers an extensive range of frame and matting options, from sleek, modern metal frames to more traditional wooden styles, catering to a diversity of tastes and preferences. Their professional team will guide you through the process of selecting a frame and matting solution that complements your 3D memorabilia, enhancing its visual appeal while maintaining harmony with your existing interior decor.

3. Mounting Techniques: Securing Your Keepsakes within the Shadow Box

Properly mounting your 3D keepsakes within the shadow box is essential in ensuring the longevity, stability, and safety of your treasured items. Depending on the specific nature of your mementos, various mounting techniques and materials can be employed to securely attach and protect your possessions within the shadow box frame.

Picture Framing is well-versed in a multitude of mounting techniques, including the use of archival adhesives, brackets, and pins, to accommodate an array of objects and materials. Their skilled team assesses the particular needs of each item, recommending the most suitable and secure mounting solution for a lasting, safe, and visually impressive display.

4. Conservation Techniques: Protecting and Preserving Your Keepsakes

Apart from showcasing your valued possessions, shadow box framing also plays a vital role in protecting and preserving your keepsakes from damage and deterioration. Factors such as UV protection, acid-free materials, and proper ventilation are significant considerations when designing and constructing your shadow box frame.

Picture Framing is committed to utilising the highest quality, conservation-grade materials and techniques in their shadow box framing. From UV-filtering glass and acid-free matting to thoughtful frame construction promoting air circulation, their expert team ensures that your cherished 3D mementos are safeguarded and preserved for years to come.


Shadow box framing offers an elegant and versatile solution for displaying and preserving your treasured three-dimensional keepsakes, honouring the memories and achievements they represent. By carefully considering factors such as frame and matting selection, mounting techniques, and proper conservation methods, you can create captivating and enduring displays for your valued possessions.

Enlist the expertise of Picture Framing for a truly exceptional custom framing, including shadow box framing. Our dedicated team of professionals, driven by passion and precision, stands ready to transform your cherished items into striking visual displays that encapsulate their significance and evoke the emotions attached to each precious memento. Take the first step towards immortalising your cherished memories and achievements. Consult with our passionate and experienced team today, and let our expertise guide you in transforming your valued possessions into captivating displays that truly honour their significance!