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6 Tips on How to Take Care of Your Prized Artworks

Any art owner will tell you that if you value your acquired artwork, you need to ensure that you take good care of them. Even the most expensive ones can deteriorate fast if you don’t take care of them. Yes, if you don’t know it yet, every piece of artwork needs basic maintenance for it to last as long as possible.

From choosing the right spot for your paintings to getting custom picture frames, here are six tips on how you can keep your art collection looking as amazing as when you first got them:

Choose the Right Location for Them

When choosing the spot for your art piece, make sure that it’s not exposed to direct sunlight, making acrylics and oils fade faster and watercolours bleach. Place it somewhere shady, or better yet, have it framed with UV glass. You shouldn’t put it where it gets damp or extremely humid either because that can cause discolouration and even some warping.

Avoid Using Regular Cleaning Solutions

You might get tempted to use cleaning products on your artwork or spray some water but you must resist it because doing this will easily ruin your valued pieces. If you want to clean them, be sure to call a professional. After all, you don’t want to take the risk of damaging your paintings or sculptures!

Do Regular Dusting

What you can do to prevent any dust and debris buildup is to regularly dust your prised artwork. Simply use a dry and lint-free white cloth for any framed paintings or sculptures with hard surfaces. For those with a more fragile material, it might be safer to use soft brushes instead. Any unused make-up brush will do as well.

Check Every Piece At least Once a Week

To ensure that everything is in good condition and to prevent any warping, you must check every piece you have at least once every week. Remember that even with artwork, prevention is better than cure!

Get Your Art a High-Quality Frame

If you still have some unframed pieces, it’s time to change that. Don’t think about finding the cheapest frame possible because it’s “just a frame,” since it’s going to protect the art but also highlight its beauty more.

Newtown Picture Framing Studio has some of the best custom picture frames that can keep your artwork safe and even enhance the way it looks.

Ensure That the Fixtures Can Carry the Weight of the Artwork

The last thing you want to happen is to find your favourite artwork on the floor because the fixture used couldn’t handle its weight. Make sure that not only can it carry the painting but also that it’s securely fixed on the wall. Furthermore, don’t forget to check if the wall is in good condition, especially if the painting is a large one. And never hang any piece of art on crumbly walls!


Art pieces, whether you are the one who made them or they’re something you’ve acquired with your hard-earned money, deserves some TLC. They shouldn’t be hung carelessly and be forgotten. Make sure that you dust them regularly, keep them away from harsh chemicals, get them in protective custom picture frames, and place them where they’ll be safe from the sun and where there’s no risk of falling.  After all, you want to preserve the look of those pieces for as long as possible!

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