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4 Picture-Hanging Tips to Help You Beautify Your Walls

Struggling to figure out how to hang your favourite pictures on the wall? Do not worry; many people also struggle with the same thing. While the whole prospect might seem simple, the perfectionists in ourselves can prevent us from settling with something too easily. We might end up hanging pictures in various ways in a constant attempt to find the best way to do it. Fortunately, things do not have to stay this way forever!

In this article, we are going to talk about some various picture-hanging tips to help you beautify your walls with art and photographs the right way:

Use templates

An excellent way to test various setups for your pictures is to make paper cutouts similar to the size of the pictures you want to hang. This way, you can tape them to the wall easily and see whether things look okay. This can save a lot of time trying to hang the actual picture itself. You can easily remove the piece of paper and move it somewhere else.

Check the size

The size of the art can dictate how you should hang it. For example, if you have a big picture, you will want to frame it next to something big, like a bed, a sofa, or a cabinet. If you did this with something small, it would leave the space unbalanced. With small pictures, you will want to hang a few of them in a vertical line to create the illusion of one large picture, which you can then place next to bigger objects.

Keep it eye-level

A good rule of thumb when it comes to hanging pictures is to keep things at eye level. In most cases, you want the centre to be at eye level. However, depending on the size, you can tweak it a bit, moving the picture lower if it is small or higher if it is large. So long as a portion of the picture is at eye level (around 150 cm from the ground), you should be good to go. 

Look at your surroundings

What is around you? Is the furniture mostly brown? Do you have potted plants lining the hallway? These elements can dictate what kind of pictures you want to place. For example, if you are hanging pictures in a sleek contemporary room with a colour palette of grey, whites, and black, you will want to hang pictures that also reflect that. Sure, you can add some splash of colour, but everything will look out of place if you overdo it. 

In other words, consider the surroundings before you hang the picture so that you can pick the right art for your wall.


With these tips in your mind, we hope you will be able to design your room with art that is not only beautiful but beautifully placed. Proper picture-hanging will not only make your home unique but create a cozy and comfortable atmosphere. 

That said, do not forget to consider the picture itself, not to mention the frames! These elements play a role in where they should be placed and how well they fit your home’s aesthetic. As such, picking the right frames for your pictures is an excellent way to ensure they belong, guaranteeing your satisfaction when your efforts are completed.

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